mc130402439 Jul 21 2017 2:23PM
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mc170403163 Jan 9 2018 6:46PM
Good Effort... Keep it up
ds160400018 Jan 9 2018 11:15AM
It seems a wall for students to introduce themselves in VU... where is the talent or artwork??
mc150400436 Jan 8 2018 3:24PM
Good try. Repetition of words.
bc160404598 Jan 8 2018 11:52AM
bc160404598 Jan 8 2018 11:52AM
bc150400179 Jan 7 2018 5:02PM
Masha'Allah very good attempt... keep it up...
bc140201947 Jan 7 2018 10:39AM
presentation abilities can be increased from this platform .. Great
bc170401382 Jan 6 2018 10:29AM
boht achy bro
bc160402886 Jan 5 2018 5:31PM
Oh my God.....i am confuze.....notice board pr mention tha k students apna art or abilities show kr ki tareef ka nahi tha bola...sab vu ad day rhy jsay
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Jan 06, 2018
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